Public opinion surveys

Public opinion research is a great way to get to know society and its mood, and to measure the pulse of people’s life. Since the very beginning, while carrying out the surveys, “Spinter research” cooperates with international organizations, governmental institutions, non-governmental organizations, public relations agencies, and media. For several years already our research on the popularity of the political parties, most suitable prime ministers’ TOP 10, and surveys’ results on various social topics are published by the most popular internet portal in Lithuania - Delfi.

Completion of more than a thousand surveys and relevant university degrees enable our professionals to offer you not only the best solution, but also give free consultations regarding survey questions, interpretation of results, and other research-related questions.

Standard public opinion surveys most often are carried out by using multi-stage stratified random sampling that guarantees representative survey data. If you are not planning a large comprehensive study and just want to know society’s opinion on a certain issue (up to 20 questions), we suggest including your questions in representative country residents’ Omnibus research.