What is IRIS?

IRIS is the world's largest group of independent market research agencies. IRIS offers an alternative to large research conglomerates. With IRIS, you have the opportunity to work with the best independent research agencies in different countries, with the experts who know your country best, while having direct contact only with the local IRIS office in your country. Our independence allows us to provide an excellent service while drawing on the power of a global research network.

IRIS Group activities

The IRIS Group's operating principles mean that managers and specialists from all companies are in regular contact with each other and meet face-to-face several times a year during IRIS seminars, training and other events. All the partners of the group are united not only by common work, but also by good personal acquaintance and friendly relations, which, let's not hide, in today's world of business, is no less, and perhaps even more, important factor than a formal institutional "roof".

IRIS members

IRIS members work together to develop and share know how - research methodologies and best practices - which gives individual independent research agencies the advantages of a global network.

In order to maximise cooperation, each country can be represented in IRIS by only one member. All new candidates for the group are assessed against IRIS's rigorous quality standards and must have extensive international research experience and be one of the leading independent research companies in their market.

By entrusting your projects to IRIS, you can rest assured that your tasks are in the hands of true professionals in their field. We ensure that your project receives the attention and care it needs for both local and international projects.

Negotiations and evaluation of candidate agencies in many countries around the world are ongoing. We expect that in the near future the IRIS Group will be expanded to include the following countries that are important for our region - DenmarkSweden and Czech Republic representatives.