What is ESOMAR?

ESOMAR is a non-profit membership organisation. Members form a community that believes that data analysis, research and insights can help improve society, organisations and the lives of everyone, including you. 

ESOMAR is headquartered in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. ESOMAR is active in more than 130 countries through its members, so there is bound to be an ESOMAR member in your country willing to cooperate.

ESOMAR members

Much of ESOMAR's work is made possible by tireless community members like you, who are willing to give up their time for specific tasks to serve the community. Through our committees, we ensure that our work is impactful and applicable to you, wherever you are.

Standing Committees, established under our statutes, help to implement strategic projects that are key to creating a positive environment for you and your organisation. They monitor change, initiate projects, provide guidance and direct our resources to meet your needs.