It's not just people who want to be loved and noticed, but also brands. The latter build awareness through advertising, while the path to consumer recognition is paved through an elaborate public relations maze.

But this is everyone's goal, and without investment, it is possible to be unheard, misunderstood, and mixed-up. Research is almost the only effective way to find out whether talking to the people we want to be heard by and understood (known in the working jargon as the target group) is the right and fruitful way.

Communication study

Advertising is an effective, but expensive thing. The making and broadcasting of commercials results in a considerably high expense, so we advise you to treat the cost of the advertising research as insurance against marketing failure.

The purpose of a good commercial is not to make the creative agency proud of its work. It is to sell the product. Therefore, it has to meet at least several requirements of the client: to catch the attention, to intrigue, to communicate the message clearly, to integrate the brand name strongly, to be suitable for the target group, to create the desire, etc.

With more than 300 advertising evaluation tests to our name, we have no doubt that we will be able to offer you a truly professional solution.