Products and services are not created by companies, but by the people who work in them, in various forms of collectives. And we humans are interesting creatures - we are only productive when we are rested, valued and not pressured by negative emotions. We even have a few solutions to measure how companies and organisations manage to meet these needs of employees. If you can't find one from the list, we can always offer you a customised solution.

Mobbing and discrimination

These are the old diseases of human interaction, which are increasingly being talked about, not only by workers but also by companies and organisations themselves. Our standard research product covers the aspects that are also required by the legislation of the Republic of Lithuania (discrimination in various forms, mobbing, equal pay policy, career opportunities, etc.), but in each case, we can also offer research solutions tailored to meet the needs of a particular company or organisation.

Engagement and motivation

The study examines aspects of leadership, collaboration, internal communication, conflict management, trust, psychological safety, engagement, and self-fulfilment in a company or organisation. It assesses the extent to which employees have ambassadorial attitudes, both in terms of the company as an employer and in terms of the product/brand.

Corporative image

This study is about common vision and communication - whether different stakeholder groups perceive our company, our brand in the same way, where the biggest differences in perception arise, or whether there are risks of misunderstanding.