Developing new products is a challenge not only for technologists but also for marketers. Our mission is to help you along the way to decide not only on the target features of your product but also on ...price. Because if the price of the product does not fit into the "choir" of brand image and product features, it is difficult to expect commercial success.

Price elasticity

Pricing is one of the trickiest and most delicate processes in business. The classic graph of the demand and supply curves is not as simple as it might seem. In the real world, the price is affected by plenty of rational and irrational forces which lead to the price being important in various dimensions. We offer a wide range of pricing and price elasticity solutions from the classic Van Westendorp price sensitivity tests, Gabor-Granger, and Brand price trade-off methods to the integrated mathematical modules that analyze the entire purchasing process.

Product development

The research regarding product introduction to the market, its positioning, communication, or simply opportunities in the market makes it possible to find the best solutions. By finding the best product-communication-packaging-price combination we present the best way to reach the target audience.

For the product/concept, we generally use Central Location Test (or CLT), in-home test, or test-studio. Focus Group Discussion (FGD) or online methods are also used in particular cases.

Our company has plenty of experience in product development tests in food, drinks, communications, finance and pay TV spheres.